- Quick Thinking Kids -

Plan your fire escape

Help make SAFETY the NORM with this FUN interactive activity for all your Quick Thinking Kids. Be as creative as you like, the main aim is that they know how to Get Out Safely.

All You Need

1. A Quick Thinking Kids Template or a blank page

2. Something to draw and colour with

Use shapes to mark the bedroom and exits (we use a square for the bedroom and a rectangle for the exits), dotted lines to mark your pathway ➖➖➖➖ and maybe stairs if you have them in your home!


Stay down Low or Crawl on floors, if you can, close all doors.

We go down the stairs on our bum and check each closed door that we might have to go through for heat, with the BACK of our hand.

Each bedroom should have its own Fire Escape Plan, practice the plan often, talk through it weekly and most importantly test your Smoke Alarms once a week.

An activity that could potentially save lives! Have fun guys and for more insight and information on this and more check out our Instagram page – Quick Thinking Kids or our FaceBook page for daily updates/safety reminders/ personal messages and also get to know the serving Firefighter Zippy himself along the way.


Team QTK